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About Competitive Computing

With the rapid development of the Computer Science Industry comes new styles of computing competitions for high school students. Our goal is to help high school students who are interested in pursuing CS-related majors by preparing them for competitions like USACO, Codeforces, etc. Our team has handpicked essential algorithms, and data structures tested in said competitions and put them in our curriculum. As we teach the curriculum, we will have either created or selected a problem to test your understanding of each algorithm.

We started this club because we saw a keen interest in Computer Science at our school, but most of the clubs focused on the basics, leaving out many important algorithms used in competitions and the real world. That’s why we created the Competitive Computing Club. As of right now, we are a Branch of Computer Science First Club at American High School, but we hope to expand further to different high schools so that more and more people can use our resources to help develop their interests for Computer Science.

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Aaron Li


Andrew Zheng

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Manas Korimilli


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