Contest Rules and Raffle Rules

2021-01-30 10:00:00

CONTEST RULES In order to join a contest, a contest code will be given to you through your CCC email by the CCC team before the contest starts, which you can then enter into the contest page located at Contest format will usually be an open window where you will be able to start your contest anytime during this window. However, after starting your contest, you will have some continuous hours in order to finish the contest without any pauses or breaks. Usually contests will have multiple different difficulties, and you are able to participate in as many of the different difficulties and contests as you wish. However, if there are prizes, you are only eligible for ONE of the contest's prizes. Furthermore, you are not allowed to choose easier contests in order to win prizes. If you are found to be higher than the level of the contest that you won in, you will be unable to receive the prize and suspended for some number of CCC contests. If your level is higher than the highest difficulty contest that is provided in the CCC contests, you may contact the CCC team and see if any exception will be given to you, but do not expect to have any exception. Any form of cheating or foul play will cause you to be disqualified from any future events in CCC and the ability to win any prizes. Note: Only students of schools who have asked to participate in our contest are eligible for prizes. If you are not part of a school in our registration list, make sure to ask your club presidents to ask me for participation. RAFFLE RULES You can earn raffle tickets which will be taken account of when obtaining your prize. In our discord server - 1 ticket Invite a friend and they participate in the contest - 1 ticket Get a school to join (PM YungChop$tix on Discord for him to verify) and at least 3 people from the school register and participate - 5 tickets